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Shanxi New Agri technology Co.,Ltd is a medium comprehensive enterprise integrated with production,sales,research and development,which depends on our factory and local rescource advantages of nitro fertilizer,uses flexible sales approaches and emphasizes adaptive innovation of products.Especially the sales staff is a elite team gathering in chemistry,agricultural technology and translation service, who have been working in foreign trade or domestic business area for many years.We mostly produce and trade more than ten chemical products such as:calcium ammonium nitrate(calcium nitrate granular),calcium nitrate tetrahydrate ,magnesium nitrate and magnesium sulphate.


Except well completing production and sales of self-products,we also positively develop relative business and have built up rich experience during the operations:We are very familiar with import and export operation on different kinds of products; concrete procedure for agency buy and sell; business reception and translation,etc.We could meet various kinds of client’s demands.


Our key staff have more than ten year’s work experience,based on excellent knowledge about both commodity and international trade practice,we could offer great products and service to customers home and abroad.We sincerely welcome your inquiry and collaboration!




We aim to play a cruciall role in the protection of soil quality and to be recognized as a trusted partner in the business community locally&globally.




With a strong focus on our people and our partners(supplies,buyers,distributors,and end-consumers),we will continuously improve our business operations and deliver high quality chemical products for agriculture and industry use.




Earnest,rigorousness,credit and quality are among our top priorities.


We value partnerships and long term relationships in which we can all mutually contribute to our communities by steadily growing so we may creat jobs and build a better society.We are also committed to progress towards improvement of soil quality through innovation and supply chain management.



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